Social Programs or Godly Living?

I live in a country that has experienced dramatic changes over the years. Fifty years ago we had fewer festivals and fewer holidays than what obtains now. This country hosts festivals, shows of all kinds, fetes, concerts, activities highlighting one cause or another. It seems like there is always some kind of entertainment to draw tourists and locals to have a good time. Similarly, in the church, there has been an increasing effort to sponsor concerts, shows, festivals, healing crusades, conventions, fish fries, bazaars and the like in order to draw people to church. Today, church seem to have become just another fete or dance. Church folk seem to be more interested in the music, the preacher that gets them jumping even if what he is saying is not biblical, the programs the church has, and the fact that no one is told about their sins. But how did it become this way? Is church just about having a good time or is there a deeper, a more profound purpose for those who profess Christianity?

Why are today’s Christian churches placing so much emphasis on social activities and almost but ignoring the single most important tool available to us to make the Gospel more attractive to unbelievers? Paul in his letter to Titus exhorts him to remind the church of these things the Holy Spirit deemed profitable to all. Paul wanted Titus to remind the people to be obedient to authority, to be ready to do good, to be peaceable, considerate and humble (Titus 3:1-2). Paul explained to Titus that God’s grace, which Christians are recipients of, teaches us to live upright and godly lives (Titus 2:11-12). That same grace enables Christians to live with such honesty and integrity that Christ will shine in us to make the teaching about God more attractive. We have been called by God to let our lights shine so that others will see and bring glory to God (Mat. 5:16).

The church’s emphasis on social programs is misplaced. The Bible puts the emphasis on holy living. Unbelievers will never take the Gospel seriously if Christians are not living according to the Gospel. Every Christian has a duty to rectify this situation. We must heed the Gospel’s call to live worthy of the calling of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (Eph.4:1).



About veldaville

A retired special education teacher with a Masters Degree in Education from Mount St. Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and professional certificates in Educational Management and Teaching Deaf Children from the University of the West Indies. Possess many years experience supervising teachers and instructing children in a church setting, planning and supervising day camps for children. My ambition is to proclaim Jesus Christ to all and especially to those who have fallen into error. My hope is that they may see the light and be saved from those who prey on their souls.
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