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How My Parents, My Church and School Inclined My Heart to the Lord

The storytelling, the teaching, the preaching, the visual presentations in vacation Bible school all had a profound impact on my life. Continue reading

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Two Kinds of Righteousness

Jesus put an end to the Jewish idea that one could be brought into a right relationship with God by observing the law. Jesus offers both Jews and Gentiles one way of becoming reconciled to himself. That way is through faith in Jesus Christ. Continue reading

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Pentecost – Before, Then and After

The church has weathered the brutal perils of persecution and martyrdom which have stayed with her to this day. Nevertheless, she has still managed to spread the light of the Gospel everywhere. Continue reading

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Tips For Growing in Prayer

Jesus’ instructions to his disciples concerning prayer were that they should not make prayer an ostentatious show as the Pharisees did. Instead, they were to keep their prayer life simple, humble and without pretense. Continue reading

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