This blog seeks to bring glory to the one and only true God by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to assist Christians in growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.(1Pet.3:18). Veldaville will challenge the Christian to hold to the teachings of Jesus as given in the Bible and to steer clear of false teachings that has invaded today’s visible church. Welcome and enjoy this exciting journey with  us.

Feel free to peruse this blog and explore the material we have to offer. Go ahead and post your comments in the space provided. Your comments, suggestions and questions are welcomed.

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You may contact Veldaville at sandsodee@yahoo.com.

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3 Responses to Welcome

  1. Keith Mosher says:

    Great to meet you! I will spend some time around your blog and I hope you do the same at Stand Tall For Christ. By reading this page I can already see we share some of the same passion for our Lord Jesus. I wrote an article some time ago about the American Church in Crisis https://standtallforchrist.com/2017/02/22/the-american-church-in-crisis/ which talks about this very issue.

    I will be glad to stand next to you on the Battlefield.


  2. itsadity says:

    Your writing style is somewhat different what I found but It is good overall you have a nice blog out there
    As a new blogger can you give me tips on how to tackle the difficulties when not getting views on your blog
    as I am not getting even double digit viewers on my blog


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