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A retired special education teacher with a Masters Degree in Education from Mount St. Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and professional certificates in Educational Management and Teaching Deaf Children from the University of the West Indies. Possess many years experience supervising teachers and instructing children in a church setting, planning and supervising day camps for children. My ambition is to proclaim Jesus Christ to all and especially to those who have fallen into error. My hope is that they may see the light and be saved from those who prey on their souls.

Jesus Fulfilled the Sign of Jonah

Those who say that Jesus was in the grave for 72 hours make a cardinal mistake by trying to interpret a Jewish book using western thought . When they propose a Wednesday crucifixion, they run into a problem with Luke … Continue reading

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What does God Require of Christians?

God is far more concerned about the state of our hearts than about our external posturings (1Sam.16:7) Continue reading

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Reflections For Lent

Jesus died, Jesus rose from the dead, Jesus is alive for evermore; hallelujah. Continue reading

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Tithing vs. Giving – Is there a difference or is it just semantics? — Rightly Dividing The Word of Truth

There is absolutely no doubt that within Scripture there are ample recommendations to give, and if you choose to call it ‘commandments’, commandments that we are to give of our material belongings for the material benefit of others. Whether this … Continue reading

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When Church-Going Is A Waste of Time

Here are some of the things that make church-going a waste of time for me. Continue reading

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What Does It Mean To Be Filled With The Holy Spirit?

When the Holy Spirit fills us, he enables us to accomplish the will of the Father and to complete the task Christ has left for his church. Continue reading

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Meet and Greet: 12/23/17

Originally posted on Dream Big, Dream Often:
  It’s the Meet and Greet weekend everyone!!  Strap on your party shoes and join the fun!   Ok so here are the rules: Leave a link to your page or post in…

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How December 25 Became Christmas – A Different View

You may have been told that Christmas is pagan in origin. Have you checked the facts? Read this article by Andrew McGowan. It will open your eyes. Continue reading

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“I Am The Lord’s Servant.”

Mary replied with humility, “I am the servant of the Lord, may it be to me as you have said.” (Luke 1:38). Continue reading

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No Room In The Inn

Christmas is a time of happiness and joy. Joy that the Saviour has come into the world. Joy at the fact that the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. But is there room in our hearts for Jesus? Continue reading

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