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How My Parents, My Church and School Inclined My Heart to the Lord

The storytelling, the teaching, the preaching, the visual presentations in vacation Bible school all had a profound impact on my life. Continue reading

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Two Kinds of Righteousness

Jesus put an end to the Jewish idea that one could be brought into a right relationship with God by observing the law. Jesus offers both Jews and Gentiles one way of becoming reconciled to himself. That way is through faith in Jesus Christ. Continue reading

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Living By Faith or Living By the Law, Which?

Law based living is man’s way of trying to please God. All human religions are based on it. Christianity is based on faith, grace and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Continue reading

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Created for Good Works

Serving is our calling. Jesus said he came to serve and not for others to minister to him. The same has to apply to us his children. Continue reading

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God Takes Care of His Children

Our heavenly Father keeps his word. His words of comfort and encouragement to us are, “Do not worry; I will take good care of you; I always take excellent care of my children.” Continue reading

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Hannah: A Woman Whose Life can Inspire Us In Rough Times

Throughout all her struggles, Hannah remained faithful and obedient to God. We, like her, can be faithful Christians despite what we may suffer. Continue reading

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When Church-Going Is A Waste of Time

Here are some of the things that make church-going a waste of time for me. Continue reading

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The Great and Precious Promises We Have

Dale Ratzlaff teaches on 2Peter 1:1-9

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Why we Must Contend Earnestly for the Faith

Watch Bob Dewaay teach an important message on the book of Jude.

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A Gospel Call to Ministry — The GraceLife Pulpit

A new MP3 sermon from The GraceLife Pulpit is now available on with the following details:Title: A Gospel Call to MinistrySpeaker: Mike RiccardiBroadcaster: The GraceLife PulpitEvent: Sunday ServiceDate: 9/11/2016Bible: Isaiah 6:1-8Length: 55 min. (64kbps) Overview: http— via A Gospel Call … Continue reading

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