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Jewish Fall Festivals and their Meanings

All the feasts of Israel have embodied within them the glorious work of God which he unfolds through Jesus Christ for the salvation of humanity. We have much reason to rejoice in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit who has redeemed us and can keep us to the day of his triumphant appearing. Continue reading

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The Jewish Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread Have New Meaning For Christians

The Passover, days of unleavened bread and wave sheaf offering of ancient Israel are not only shadows of Christ, his atoning sacrifice and his resurrection but also shadows of the Gospel. They are a shadows of the Holy Spirit at work in believers to make us holy and to finally bring us to the glorious kingdom of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Continue reading

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Sabbath And Holyday Observance

This time of the year, many persons are preparing to observe the Jewish feast days that occur in the fall. Perhaps you are one of these persons but you are not sure whether these days are mandatory or not. Continue reading

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