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The Word Became Flesh

The incarnation, the mystery of how God put on flesh to become one of us, is the glorious work and plan of a loving God to redeem us from the curse Adam brought. Continue reading

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Are You Abiding in Jesus?

Love supersedes all the other gifts that a Christian could have and where there is no love, having the other gifts is useless (1Cor.13:1-3). Continue reading

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What is Your Destination?

The jokes of people at death arriving at the wrong gate only to be redirected to the correct place, is truly a joke. Your arrival gate is always your final destination. Don’t you fool with those arrival gates. Continue reading

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The Believers’ Prayer

The book of Acts chapter 4 and verses 23 through 31 gives us a description of how the believers responded to persecution. The Jewish authorities thought that the crucifixion of Jesus had ended this new movement founded by the Jewish … Continue reading

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He said not to pray like the hypocrites who do it to be seen by other people. Your prayers do not have to be on social media. It is not about showing off. Continue reading

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The Man Joseph the Father of Jesus

Joseph, a man we know so little about, but who was obviously well known to God and approved by Him to be the father of our Lord Jesus Christ. We would do well to emulate his righteous example. Continue reading

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