Who Are We In Christ?

The Apostle Paul urges all Christians to live our lives worthy of the Gospel of Christ (Phil.1:27).  We have been called to a life of holiness while living in this dark world.  We are to be the light and salt of this world, a people called to show forth the praises of God.  We, like the rest of the world were dead in trespasses and sins but the glorious light of the gospel has shone on us.  God in His mercy has opened our hearts to the gospel of Christ.  We have accepted Jesus Christ has the only name under heaven whereby man can be saved.  Because of His grace God has forgiven us, justified us freely, rescued us from the kingdom of darkness and placed us in the kingdom of His dear Son (Col.1:13).

What Christ did for us?

We have been brought near by the blood of Christ Jesus Eph. 2:13

We are now a new creation 2Cor. 5:17

We are justified and acquitted from all sin Rom.5:9; 3:24;  5:1

We are the righteousness of Christ Rom.4:24

We are a royal priesthood 1Peter2:9

We have been made holy Heb.10:10

We are free from the law of sin and death Rom.8:2

We are chosen holy and beloved Col.3:12

We have the indwelling Holy Spirit Rom.8:23

We are sealed by the Holy Spirit Eph.1:13; Eph.4:30; 2Cor.1:22

We have liberty in Christ Gal.5:1; Gal.2:4

We have eternal life 1John5:13

We have passed from death to life 1John 5:13

We are now qualified to share in the inheritance of Christ Col.1:12

We are now under no condemnation Rom.8:1

We are not under law but under grace Rom.6:14

We have been rescued from the kingdom of darkness and placed into the kingdom of light Col.1:13

We are heirs and joint heirs with Christ Rom.8:17

We have been given great and precious promises Pet.1:4


What are our responsibilities?

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness Matt.6:33

Love one another 1John 3:11

Obey the commands of Jesus 1John 3:21

Live by the Spirit Rom.8:5-12

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and strength

Love not the world or the things in the world 1John 2:15

Carry the gospel to the whole world and make disciples Matt. 28:18-19

Abide in Jesus John 15:5

Walk in the light as He is in the light 1John 1:7.