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Windows of Heaven – Ken Boa Welcomes You to Reflections Ministries

October 19, 2016 Source: Windows of Heaven – Ken Boa Welcomes You to Reflections Ministries This short video is a timely reminder that Jesus has gone to prepare a place for his children. He will one day return and receive … Continue reading

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The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

The Bible, on the other hand, paints a picture of this third person of the Godhead who is actively involved in the daily activity of the church and the life of the individual Christian. Continue reading

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Why Christians Should Stop Caring About So Many C… | Christianity Today

Being the hands and feet of Christ in our troubled world requires that we both pay attention and then stay intentional over the long haul. That means rushing forward in an emergency and remaining focused until we help repair, restore, … Continue reading

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7 Traits of False Teachers

There is no such thing as a pure church this side of heaven. You will never find it. Source: 7 Traits of False Teachers

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Living By the Spirit – What Does it Mean?

The Holy Spirit living inside of the Christian will not put up with anything that offends God, hence the reason why there is always a sense of uneasiness when sin is present. Continue reading

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Does Eternal Life Depend on Commandment-Keeping?

The notion that one must be obedient to commandments so that we can enter eternal life suggests that one can attain eternal life by commandment-keeping (works). Continue reading

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