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Pentecost – Before, Then and After

The church has weathered the brutal perils of persecution and martyrdom which have stayed with her to this day. Nevertheless, she has still managed to spread the light of the Gospel everywhere. Continue reading

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Encountering Jesus: An Experience That Changed Bartimaeus And Can Do the Same for You.

Jesus is always passing our way. Do you recognise your shortcomings, your need for a Saviour? Then call out to Jesus; he will hear and answer your requests. The transformation blind Bartimaeus experienced can be yours today. Continue reading

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Searching For Living Water?

The missing ingredient that people are searching for is the living water Jesus told the Samaritan woman about. Continue reading

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Jesus’ Calling

You may not be a Mahatma Gandhi or a
Mother Theresa but you can heed the call of Jesus and share in a vocation that surpasses your wildest dreams. Continue reading

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The Believers’ Prayer

The book of Acts chapter 4 and verses 23 through 31 gives us a description of how the believers responded to persecution. The Jewish authorities thought that the crucifixion of Jesus had ended this new movement founded by the Jewish … Continue reading

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Meditating on the Word

David, more than any other Biblical writer, inspires us by his constant adoration of God whenever we find him meditating on creation or on God’s word. Continue reading

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